Waterproofing & Dampproofing: What’s The Difference?

Getting the job done right the first time critical in the waterproofing industry.

Sometimes you need an umbrella, sometimes a poncho, and sometimes a full-on tarp to stay dry in the rain. It’s the same with waterproofing or dampproofing your building.

Whether your structure needs waterproofing, or dampproofing, works much the same way. Very common in New England, waterproofing guards buildings from liquid water and soil moisture. Dampproofing is performed specifically to guard against soil moisture.

Dampproofing can be just as important as waterproofing to the long-term health of a building, and is also less expensive and not nearly as extensive.

When it comes to waterproofing, we are experienced and proficient in the installation of a wide range of certified systems, depending on the project. We apply both vertical and horizontal grade sealants, above and below grade.

We are also an experienced vapor barrier commercial contractor in New England. True to their name, vapor barriers greatly reduce the effects of water vapor on building materials, and can greatly extend the life of your building.

As far as choosing the right materials for the jobs, sealants are constantly evolving, and we stay on top of that for you, as well as application procedures for pedestrian and vehicle traffic surfaces, plus deck coatings. We also offer masonry and concrete clear sealants, often used for parking garage decks. Often, waterproofing first requires the restoration of masonry and/or concrete walls.

Waterproofing Needed When:

  • High water table levels
  • Problematic soil/water conditions
  • Surface drainage issues
  • Problematic walls and structural supports