Our Equipment: Hydrodemolition Tech & More

From advanced remote-controlled hydrodemolition robots to sturdy and effective swing stages, ACME Waterproofing has it all.

Once a concrete construction of any kind deteriorates, or is damaged, existing concrete must be removed, then replaced.

Hydrodemolition is often a critical step in waterproofing and/or concrete restoration. First, the existing concrete is removed, which provides a solid, level surface for the new concrete.

ACME uses a state-of-the-art hydrodemolition cutter robot, the Aqua Cutter 710. This technologically advanced machine makes demolition clearing the way for waterproofing and other services like concrete restoration faster and more efficient.

The smart design of the Aqua Cutter 710 makes it the perfect machine for custom hydrodemolition jobs for structures, including parking garages. It’s able to tilt and move around obstacles, and adjusts for surface irregularities.

It’s also a pro at clearing out difficult corner spots, including the front power head side covers being removable, a plus for certain waterproofing situations. The power head is hydraulically powered and tilts up to 90 degrees, allowing the operator to inspect progress and quality quickly and easily. This is cool: The Aqua Cutter’s ISC (intelligent sensing control) system even allows the operator to program geometrical figures, including squares, triangles, circles, and rhomboids.

The Aqua Cutter is powered by a diesel engine, and a hybrid drive with an electric motor is also available. It’s designed to keep a steady distance between the jet nozzle and the surface, minimizing wasted time and energy.

Need to get your concrete in order? Talk to a hydrodemolition specialist. Together, we’ll come up with the most time- and cost-effective plan to get you and your structure where you both need to be.